Instructions are for Windows XP but files will work for windows 2000 too.
Last update: 25 May 2003

NOTE: If you downloaded kbdfa1.dll before 25 May 2003, you have to download it again.

For Installing Persian support in Windows XP:

For updating Persian Keyboard,

1. from "Start" select "Control Panel"

2. if you are in category view open: "Data, Time, Language and Regional Options"

3. open "Regional and Language Options"

4. go to "Language" tab

5. Activate "Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages"

6. Click "Apply"

7. after restarting windows come to this window again.

8. Click "Details..."

9. Click "Add..."

10. select "Farsi"

11. Click "OK"

12. Click "OK"

1. Run kbdfa1.reg

2 Copy kbdfa1.dll to winnt\system32

3. (If you already have Persian keyboard) Remove Persian keyboard then click Apply.

4. Add Persian keyboard again and click Apply in: "Text Services and Input Languages" (picture 2)

5. You may need to restart your windows for activating new Persian keyboard.

6. You can download Persian fonts from


Picture 1

Picture 2