Alaska 2018, Day 7

The morning at David Laird campground, nothing special, just a site seems to be running down.

There was slight chance of rain last night, but nothing happened.
But the weather still looks like that it wants to rain a bit.

Having coffee at Tim Horton’s, it helps to stay awake.  Those who know me, know that I don’t drink coffee or tea on regular basis.
Also cheating on Tim Horton’s with sweats from No Frills!

Riding or driving in summer on the roads is a killer for flies and windshield and it obstruct the view too!

And with clear view,

I got lucky that this gas station was washing using pressure washer, so I borrowed it for a minute to clean the bike 🙂

Stopped at the park beside rcmp office in the town to rest and have some snack.

Taking a look at my boot, after over 65000km riding, it started falling apart.

got some shoe glue, will try to repair it when I get a chance.

The forecast shows rain is coming and the sky shows it too,

Due to rain in forecast, I got airbnb for tonight, which come with two cats!

Went out for a walk and dinner, there is still cloud and chance of rain.

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