Cross Country, Day 18

June 23, 2015 – From Leggett to Happy Camp

From Leggett,CA to Happy Camp,OR

From Leggett to Happy Camp

For the first part of the day until Eureka I rode with Kala which I met yesterday.  We went through Avenue of the Giants ( There are lots of places to see with giants tree in this section.
It was early morning and we didn’t stop much for photos!

At Euroke we went different ways and I conitinued in 299, then 96 north.  It was very hot and I was very tired so I just wanted to get somewhere to rest. and I settled down with a motel in Happy Camp, Oregan.
IMG_2971IMG_2969 IMG_0001

Happy Camp was a very tiny town, and they had free google docs training!

Day 18, 407km