Cross Country, Day 33

July 8, 2015 – From Banff to Park Lake, Alberta

At this point, major interesting parts of the trip is over and the rest is mainly riding through prairies until getting back to Ontario..
Left Campsite at Banff in the morning and I will see how far I can go for the day.20150708_080130_iPhone

On the way I noticed there is not enough power from charging system, since I had a bad experience last time, I decided to find a closest motorcycle shop and have it checked.

I found Mountain toy polaris at Cochrane.  Disconnected one of the headlights to save battery power and headed straight there.
Eventhough they were busy, they checked and confirmed the battery is good, but there is not enough voltage for charging the battery.  So they found a new battery for me and fully charged both old and new battery so in case my stator dies completely, then I would have enough battery power to get myself somewhere.
While they bike was at the shop I had time to go for laundry, haircut and lunch.
I was a bit stressed and didn’t take much pictures from this point on,

Finally I got to Park Lake, Alberta, the only way to register was online or by the phone.  I got a campsite beside lake and a quick swim.

The park didn’t have shower and modern washroom, but there was small beach for swimming and store.
The food was cheap, and they give it to you with closed box, once you open it you realize why!  the size of hotdog was smaller than the fries!

Sunset and ready to sleep.
DCIM158DRIFT DCIM158DRIFT20150708_210607_iPhone

Day 33: 390Km