East coast 2016, day 4

Jun 20, Crossing New Brunswick to north east.

In tourism map this route was marked as scenic, but it was just plain highway through forest for few hours.
ride map june 20

In the morning I decided to go to Visitor center for map and information, but they were moved and google maps still has the old address!

Here by the main road there was this church and a road that not much maintained and looked empty, I decided to go out of the suggested route by GPS and take this one instead.

And l made a good choice as I got to McAdam that has this old train station now restored to look like the days it was operational.IMG_0015IMG_0018 IMG_0021 IMG_0022

And better route that I would seen on main highway road.IMG_0027

A ride through Fredericton

It’s a hot day and need to rest in shadow and have lunch, so I found this Killarney Lake park outside of Fredericton.
IMG_4242 IMG_4238

And few hours of never ending ride in hot weather.

And you end up with lots of this.

And finally to the camping Miramichi, I didn’t see any other camper not even an RV here!
IMG_4246 IMG_0029 IMG_0034

But it had interesting tree houses.
IMG_0031 IMG_0032

Day 4, 372km