Alaska 2018, Day 2

There is rain in the forecast for today morning and evening, I leave campsite early to get somewhere for breakfast while waiting for the morningrain to pass.

There will be more rain on the way, I tried to time my ride to avoid as much rain as possible, here is the ride on the east side of lake superior to Wawa.

In Wawa spend some time at Young’s general store to take some photos.

The view to the road from Wawa visitor center

Since there is still rain in the forecast for tonight I stayed at a Motel in Marathon.  Did some hiking in the evening around Penn Lake.  The reception in the hotel mentioned that people in the community are setting little things on the trail and make it a game for kids to find them and every year they are adding few more, it was very interesting and nothing like what you see in other hiking trails.

And then more walk through the town to Pebble beach.

Anyone wants a background for their desktop? 🙂

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