Alaska 2018, Day 24

Since we slept late last night we got up late too, and it is still cloudy.  But we have a big day ahead, the last stretch of the road to arctic ocean.

First, fill up the bike with very expensive gas!

The road is still under continues maintenance, they dump a fresh load of dirt and gravel and then grade it and compact it.  But while it is fresh, it is very soft and will be like riding in sand.

I had a hard time to control the bike and not long after we started, I dropped the bike 🙁

I decided that this will not be safe and easy as we were just at the beginning of the road, and apparently there would be at least 20 to 30 km of the road like this.
so I wanted to turned back and Cristian decided to stay with me and turned back 🙁

Back in Inuvik we went for a walk and look around the town.

We also started looking into options of tours or renting an SUV or truck, so at least we can go to arctic ocean, but timing wouldn’t work for us and it was very expensive.
Stopped at Visitor Centre to get some information and found out they are also giving certificate for crossing Arctic Circle!
They had print out for information about the community with a funny substitution chart for Dempster highway.

Back in the campsite again, the bike is messy and rain in the forecast, I was hoping the rain could clean it up a little!

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