Alaska 2018, Day 23

Today we are aiming to get to Inuvik, the end of Dempster highway.

Campsite at River Rock campground,

There are so many mosquitoes here I have to use mosquito head net.

In the campsites here there are high post with hanging ropes to hang foods high up to keep them away from bears’ reach.

Shortly after we left campsite, we cross from Yukon Territories to Northwest Territories.

First ferry over Peel river, we cached up with the German traveler we met back in Eagle plains.

First community we see after 3 days on Dempster highway, Fort MacPherson, we met two other cyclist that were going north on Dempster highway to arctic ocean.
We chatted a little with locals, unfortunately the only photo I have is from inside the store to show how expensive is here!

After a little rest, we get back on the road to the next river crossing with ferry.
Due to permafrost and being close to river, there is no fixed ferry platform or sign here.
The road just goes straight to river and ferry landing has to be always repaired after heavy rain or high river water. Also in winter when the river is frozen the road will just continue over the frozen water as ice road.
We met another solo rider from Ontario that was traveling Dempster.

Ferry here has a stop at Tsiigehtchic (try to pronounce it!)

Then continue on the long and lonely road again,

quick stop to rest and short hike to view point, there is sign of rain in the distance and we are in no rush to get to it anytime soon.

Finally we get to Inuvik and a huge sign for the end of Dempster highway and of course  photo for another milestone!
We made it this far, we can say we did Dempster all the way, even though there is another 150km, the new road from here to Tuktoyaktuk, Arctic Ocean.


We get a campsite just by the town as we will be here at least for couple of days.  Here there is almost always at least 20% chance of rain, so we have to be prepared.

To our surprise, in the communities and towns here there are very good cellphone reception.

Our location on the map, it is good feeling to see how far we came.

In the campsites there are few motorcyclists, couple of bicyclist and few RVs.  But once in a while we see some that travel with all terrain campers, This one was more interesting for their license plate, “DoveNest”

It is past midnight, well on the clock, but not so much the light of the day and we didn’t realize it until after 1am.

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