Alaska 2018, Day 22

Since the night does not get dark, we don’t notice when it is time to sleep and stay awake late.   Side effect is that we get up late in the morning and by the time we hit the road it’s already past noon.

The weather is good today, mostly sunny and dry.

Finally at the first stop, Eagle plains.  It has gas station, hotel, restaurant and campground.
And a very expensive gas station ($1.6 per liter)
Since first gas station at the beginning of the road we rode 370km plus some backtrack and still have another 4L of gas, that’s good mileage per liter 🙂

We wanted to take shower, since there was no shower in the twp previous campsites, reception was saying the shower is only for guests and campers.
We were ready to pay $20 for a campsite just to take a shower but not camp here, finally she let us to take a shower for $3 each!

Looks like there are more adventure motorcyclists than cars and RVs around here, we met riders from all over including Germany and Iceland.

After having lunch, nap and coffee time to get back on the long and lonely road,

50km further north and the Arctic Circle again, hard to imagine that I was in the Arctic Circle in Alaska just 4 days ago!
Of course time for lots of photos, who knows when would be the next time we would come here again.

If anyone feels like it, there is even a picnic table here,

For those who are interested to know a little more about arctic circle,

Another 50km and time to camp for the night, River Rock campground, Yukon.

This is 11pm and still we are setting up tent and not ready to sleep.

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