Alaska 2018, Day 21

Before the trip I wanted to go through Dempster highway, but with stories I heard about road condition and the amount time I had, I did not include it in my plan.
Now since I have the opportunity and a company I decided to give it a try.
Now going on Dempster it will add at least 4 or 5 more days to my plan.

In the morning, having breakfast,

Take the ferry to go back to Dawson city,

Water in Yukon river is moving fast, it is interesting to see how the ferry navigate through this river.

After some grocery shopping for next few days, we leave Dawson.

At the beginning of the Dempster highway, while the bike is still clean.

Two hours later the weather turns and start drizzling rain.  We don’t know how long it will last and riding in mud is no fun aside from not being very safe, so we turn back few kilometers to stop at the very first campground.

Soon the rain stopped, but the dark cloud still in the sky and over the mountains ahead.  We go for a short hike on the trail around the campground.

Dinner time,

And enjoy the fire with free firewood in Yukon campgrounds!

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