BMW Lady’s Ride Orangeville 2013

Today Saturday May 18,2013 was BMW Lady’s Ride in Orangeville.  I got to ride two bikes the F800GT and the GS1200. Probably I would have been able to ride more but tomorrow we take off for Deal’s Gap and I have a few things to take care of.

I love this event, its a great place to meet people and exchange information with experienced riders. For example today I met a lady that did our trip GTA to Deal’s Gap and back in 3 days…. unreal :). I also learn of this group called Motor Maids that are going to Irleand to ride and I met a girl that just arrived from riding in New Zealand

I also learn about this website which I will check in more detail later.

Ok, so what about my ride…the GS1200 is a great bike but it sounds like a truck. It has some great feature such heated grips, which I used :), and riding mode. The bike has a lot of power more than what I am used to therefore my full concentration was on making sure I did not crash into anything.

The other ride with the F800GT was great…this bike is great,easier to handle, smooth. I was more relax therefore I got to try the riding modes, but to tell you the truth I did not notice the difference.

_16589 _16590

On my way home I was reflecting about the bikes and I would not change our V-Strom 650 2012 for any of the bikes above.