Cross country US/Canada, Day 1-2

June 6/7, 2015 – Richmond Hill, Ontario to Illinois

Here is another road trip.  This time, Toronto, Colorado, Utah, California, Vancouver, and back to Toronto, here is the complete route plan on google map.

Saturday Jun 6th, 8am, getting ready to leave…
Getting ready to leave


It was a nice day to ride, perfect weather, perfect temperature.IMG_2718

Crossing the border at Ambassador bridge was easy, no line up.
The officer at the custom was asking how did I get vacation this long! 🙂

First camp site at W.J Hayes State Park, Michigan
IMG_0014 IMG_0013

There was a lot of rain and thunder shower in the next day, I was in rush to get to next camp site, so no picture.

Cabin at LaSalle-Peru KOA, Illinois
Cabin at KOA


The Jacket is water proof, but the pockets are not, so my passport, bike ownership and insurance are all socked wet! 🙁

Day 1: 10 hours, 520 km
Day 2:  8 hours, 477 km

Tomorrow should be a good weather with little risk of thunderstorm.