Lake Superior circle tour, Day 10 and done

The tent and some of my stuff that got wet from the rain last night are not dried yet.  Luckily the campsite has laundry with dryer, but unfortunately it takes only loonies which I don’t have, and there is no one around awake 🙁  So I just packed everything wet and moved on.
I went back to Wawa to put gas as I was very low on gas and Wawa was the closest place with gas station.
Then I decided to go to potholes national reserve for a visit. It was interesting how stones are formed over long time during the glacier time.

IMG_2186 IMG_2185 IMG_2187 IMG_2190 PH000910_thm PH000908_thm PH000913_thm PH000914_thm

Then I decided to go through Algoma route, via 101 and then 129. Which ended up being over 200km of nothing but logging and very few other things that didn’t interest me. There were only two very old gas stations which I decided to pass.

selfie on the ride!

selfie on the ride!


At some point I just stopped on the side of the road to rest and take some pictures.

IMG_2193 IMG_2192 IMG_2195 PH000952_thm PH000950_thm PH000949_thm PH000954_thm PH000955_thm PH000944_thm


Later on I got to very awesome and winding road which I was enjoying so much that didn’t bother to stop to setup the camera to record. I would recommend any rider that passes near the area, to try the section of 129, between the intersections with 554 and 556. It is well worth it.  And after that more nice road through mountains.
Then my gas indicator started blinking, The next closest gas station about 40km. So I was riding about 40km with gas indicator blinking and when I put gas, I still had close to 4 liters of gas left in the tank.
Since tomorrow is going to be rain and thundershower, I decided to get a cabin again, this time KOA at Sault Ste Marie. Got some food from grocery store on the way for dinner.
I ended up getting the annual membership from KOA, so I have to get their cabins few times with-in next year to worth the membership.
The plan for tomorrow is to leave early to try avoid the rain and head for KOA in North Bay.

The weather forcast for next day does not look good, so I have to get a cabin, but neither of KOA North Bay and Parry Sound had any available for the night.  So I decided to just cut the trip short and ride straight home,  On the way stopped at gravenhurst and then home.

Now I checked the weather for North Bay area and it is all sunny 🙁 but it’s too late now!

Here is the Video from second half of the trip: