East coast 2016, day 1

Jun 17, 2016 – It is time for another road trip, this year I just got 2 weeks off from work, so it would be just enough for quick road trip of New Brunswick and Quebec.  Had to leave Nova Scotia and PEI for another trip.

But first I have to change the front tire, I just ordered a new tire, Metzler Tourance, two weeks before the trip and got to change it couple of days before the trip.
New front tire
Lift the front and remove the tire.
Lift front tire front tire removed

Remove tire from rim, with lots of sweating!
removing tire from rim
And finally new tire is installed and test ride to work to make sure everything is fine.

For first stop of the trip I will stay with my friends Shiva and Kamyar in Ottawa.  Not much photos from the road in first day, just stop for rest.
rest stop
ride map jun 17

Karmyar was lucky and won a whole bunch of stuff! from a radio station.  A harley davidson FatBoy (for a guy that doesn’t ride 🙂 ( and an Audi S3 which I got to test drive too.
Kamyar and his new Harley Kamyar and his Audi S3

Next morning saying goodbye and leaving for Quebec.
Dawtis_Mehrdad Mehrdad_Shiva_Kamyar

Day 1: 476km