East coast 2016, day 9

Jun 25, Day 9, From Parc National de la Gaspésie QC to Saint-Quentin, NB
ride map jun 25

It started drizzling last night, so the tent got wet which will be very hard to pack as I have to pack everything in tight bags and packing wet stuff is not good.

Since it is rainy and wet, I decided to have breakfast in the tent.

And trouble of packing tent to try keep the main tent dry while the cover is still up.

Finally everything is packed in the rain
IMG_0007 IMG_4309

When I left the sky started opening up! here is the beginning of the gravel road to campsite.
IMG_0008 IMG_0011

After riding through all those gravel and dust it is time to clean the chain.

Couple of more towns on the coast
IMG_0016 IMG_0020

I saw so many signs for covered bridge and finally I stopped to see one.
IMG_0027 IMG_0026

more of nice road

I had plan to take ferry from Matane to the other side of St Lawrence River and continue the trip from there, but there is lots of rain in weather forecast for this part.  But in the south and in New Brunswick, it is a bit better so I decided to change the plan and go south through New Brunswick and then through Maine again.

It got hot to 30 degree that I had to stop and take a nap as I was falling sleep.
Bikers try to find any little shadow to park their bikes.
Even though it was supposed to be very little to no chance of rain but I ended up going through few pockets of rain.  As I was going it got cloudy and then previously rained area and then the rain itself, I could see the temperature on the bikes thermometer keep going down from 30 to 19, it was getting wet and cold, and the rain was keep getting more.
IMG_0032 IMG_0036 IMG_0037

Decided to get Motel and stay for the night.  But once I had dinner and got the motel the sky started to opening up and got sunny 🙁  !@$#&