East coast 2016, day 10

June 26, From Saint-Quentin, NB to Mactaquac Provincial park

Staff in the Motel were nice to let me park the bike in their garage.
A simple breakfast was included which was good as I did not have to shop and stop to eat.
Packing and getting ready to go.

An old restaurant of the town

It’s too early and visitor center is closed, I don’t know if it was really an old train station, but that’s how they made it look like now.
IMG_0010 IMG_0001

Continuing on Appalachian route which is marked by a mountain on brown square along the route.

It passes by Carleton mountain, and part of the road became gravel only, so much gravel riding this trip!

I didn’t stop at Carleton mountain and continued riding through Appalachian,

There were lots of these! flowers on the side of the road in this section.
IMG_0020 IMG_0022

On the country roads or the coast, the houses and buildings have vibrant colour and some made their houses look really nice.

At some point were I stopped by the side of the road I noticed this shortcut through grass to access the ATV tracks, I got the itch to ride off-road again, here I go.

Back on the road again.

Lonely tree!

In Florenceville Bristol, there is another restored train station.
IMG_0033 IMG_0034 IMG_0037 IMG_0040 IMG_0042 IMG_0044

Visitor center was beside the train station and were selling ice create too, I couldn’t resist this time as it is very hot.

Then in Heartland I passed by longest covered bridge
IMG_0056 IMG_0051 IMG_0055

And a new bridge and other stuff!
IMG_0053 IMG_0054

At some point the Appalachian route was going into highway and I decided to avoid it and take another route, GPS showed me another route and I took it,  When I entered the road had a sign of Cul-De-Sac, I ignored and continued.
then it got much smaller and had this sign on it.

It didn’t say no motorized vehicle so I continued…
IMG_0079 IMG_0069 IMG_0073

It was obviously abandoned old road that vegetation are taking over and sink holes are appearing along the trail.
But it was ok and nice trail until I got to this!
IMG_4329 IMG_0059 IMG_0066IMG_0062IMG_0057

Since I can not fit in there with the bike, I have to go back and try a different route, which was an hour longer but it was nice ride as the weather is cooling off a little bit too.
IMG_0058 IMG_4330

Finally I got to Mactaquac Provincial park, got a camp site.  the tent is already dried from two nights ago, since I had it open and strap to the back seat so it gets aired to dry off.

The site is just 20 meters from the lake, so I went for a swim, in this warm weather and riding for so long in hot sun, swim in cold water is the best.

Day 10, 400km