Lake Superior circle tour, Day 2

This morning I waited in Tim Horton’s until rain slowed down.  Then I started to hit the road again, but my gloves were soaking wet and I could not wear them, so I started looking for Mark’s work warehouse to get something that I could use for now.

Left the gloves out to dry

Left the gloves out to dry

I got something cheap that was insulated and looked to be water proof as well, hope fully it really is!  Left the other gloves under the mesh net so it would dry by wind.  Now back on the road again.

New gloves!  hopefully water proof.

New gloves! hopefully water proof.

At the intersection of Hwy 17 and Hwy 5, I stopped at Tim Horton’s again to rest and have something to eat.  Funny thing about Google, I’m sitting in Tim Horton’s and Google tells me closest Tim Horton’s is 7 minute driving from where I am, but on the map it already shows a Tim Hortons there, Looks like they don’t use their own map to search for places!

What's wrong with Google?!

What’s wrong with Google?!


I met couple of bikers there that were going back home in Sudbury from a weekend trip in Manitoulin island, one of them with VStrom 1000.

From there I took side roads to get out of highway a little bit and half of it turned out to be gravel road, and while on gravel road a little bit of rain start drizzling and made the bike muddy.


Side roads

Side roads

The rest of the road was nice and no major issue, cloudy, not cold, not hot, perfect weather for riding.  I stopped in a very small town beside a deserted building to rest, inside of the wet gloves is still wet, few kilometers later I realized I did not put them back under the mesh net and lost of one them 🙁


The camp site for tonight, Brownlee Lake park is a small place and very clean, but lots of mosquitoes.

Brownlee Lake park campsite.

Brownlee Lake park campsite.

Dinner for tonight is again one of the dry packaged foods, this time Harvest Foodworks.  It needs more preparation than the others I used before.  This one has to be cooked in boiling water for about 15 minutes and then add the sauce.  And of course these packages are for two, so I ended up with lots of Mediterranean Pasta!


Tomorrow I have to cross the border. I will see what will happens with phone and internet plan.


Ssunset at Brownlee Lake park.