Lake Superior circle tour, Day 1

I was planning for another road trip since our road trip to deal’s gap last year. I picked the ride around lake superior this year as it can be done in just a little over two weeks.  This time it will be a solo ride.

Planned route for the whole trip.

Planned route for the whole trip.

Same as always, last day before long vacation, things start to break at work that requires attention, I had to stay at work until 7pm Thursday and still deffer some stuff to my colleagues for tomorrow. sorry Todd!.

On Friday morning, it’s rush to pack everything and not to forget anything important, finally I’m ready to leave home at 11:00am, (0km)

Stopped to put gas in first gas station and then hit hwy 400, all the way north toward Grundy Lake provincial park.


I had a short stop to have lunch in TimHorton’s  in the rest area just before Barrie.

It was nice weather and nice ride, got to Grundy Lake Provincial Park around 4pm, (293km).

Just got to the camp site, nice weather.

Just got to the camp site, nice weather.

Weather forecast for tomorrow is not good, it will be all day rain starting in the morning, so I either have to leave in the morning before rain start or just stick around until evening that rain stops.

My campsite is already booked for next day by someone else, so I have to move out of the site anyway, so the plan is to leave in the morning.

I setup the tent, gone for a hike in one of the trails, had dinner, took a shower and straight to tent to sleep by 8pm, as I need to getup early tomorrow.

IMG_1959 IMG_1951

Views from the hiking trail

Views from the hiking trail

The weather forecast for tomorrow is rain starting around 7am, p.o.p 100% !!!  so there is no room for chance or luck.  I set the alarm for 5am so I will have enough time to pack before rain starts.

In the morning, I get up at 5am, it is pitch black and there is no rain, I don’t know why I’m still debating if I should get up and pack or should I stay longer!!!

Checked the weather forecast and still %100 p.o.p and 10-15mm rain for the morning, so I start packing.

By the time I get to wrap the tent it start drizzling, and by the time I’m securing the bags to the bike it’s raining.

I put the jacket and helmet on, and last minute check in the darkness before I leave, and I forgot to remove the rope I used to hang the tarp, so I go in the branches of the trees to remove the rope and just stick it first place I found in the luggage and hit the road right away.

By 6am I’m in the highway riding in the rain toward Sudbury.

And by 7am I’m in the first TimHorton’s I found in Sudbury,  Having breakfast and trying to rest a little before getting back on the road in the rain.

Raining all day....

Raining all day….