to Deal’s Gap, Day 11

Today we started making our way home. We left the cottage at around 9:00 am


We rode to Cherokee…

IMG_6837 IMG_6843

The locals were having fun…


Checked the air on the tires…and took off for the Blue Ridge Parkway.


We already changed the original plan because we decided to ride back to Asheville through the Blue Ridge Parkway…instead of riding north towards Detroit. The last section of the parkway was one of the best and we wanted to ride it again.

This is the begging of the Blue Ridge Parkway from the end!, the south entrance in North Carolina.


The ride through the blue ridge was amazing … yet again.

IMG_6865 IMG_6916

IMG_6928 IMG_6931

The highest elevation at 6053 feet.

IMG_6893 IMG_6896

We exited the parkway and took route 226 North and then the 19E North to Bristol

IMG_6996 IMG_6992



As you can see…the one on the back of the ride gets to be creative with the camera 🙂


We made it to KOA in Bristol.  Actually thanks to Mehrdad we got here, I wanted to stay in Pisgah inn which is a hotel located in Pisgah Mountain with gorgeous views to the mountain range…but we do not have time on our timetable.


So…here we are in a cabin with noisy bed, noisy air conditioning, with view to a variety of RVs,  but we both were happy to avoid setting up the tent for once.