to Deal’s Gap, Day 10

Today we got up really late. We are still feeling yesterday’s ride.  It is Tuesday (May  28) 1:00pm, we just finished breakfast and we finished mapping the tentative route to make it back home….hopefully we will make it home by Sunday June 2nd.


…we will see.  Neither of us feels like going anywhere…. I am catching up with the blog and Mehrdad is at front of the cottage cleaning the bike. You will not believe the amount of bugs we have slaughtered on the front shield and the front of the cases.


This is me at on the deck working on the blog….


even though currently I am inside, there was a huge flying bug that was hovering looking at me funny, it was either trying to communicate with me or was planning on eating me.

We got our act together and went to Bryson…

IMG_6808 IMG_6806 IMG_6804 IMG_6801 IMG_6798 IMG_6799 IMG_6793

… walked around and had an amazing late lunch at this cute restaurant called Cork & Bean.



as you know Mehrdad is vegetarian….


I am not 🙂


it was a great, nice and relaxing day.