to Deal’s Gap, Day 6

Today, May 24 is day 6 of our trip. I am writing from Fancy Gap KOA Campgrounds and it is really fancy, we get our personal water supply, electric post and even free wi-fi. It is freaking freezing, I think we are wearing everything we brought. It is 6:30pm and Mehrdad is taking care of dinner, on the menu we have Veggie Chili and a pulled pork sandwich that we bought from the owners of the campground. The Bedford’s Day’s inn that we stayed last night was a disaster, camping on the parking lot would have been better, rain and all (of course I am exaggerating just a bit). I did not feel like riding today, way too many curves, they make me nervous. Mehrdad did all the riding and he is really good at it. He is able to keep the speed limit and stay within the lane.

IMG_6277 IMG_6282 IMG_6284 IMG_6286 IMG_6291 IMG_6292 IMG_6301 IMG_6307
We stopped at Virginia’s explore park to get info about nearby points of interest. The recommendation was to drive by Floyd which was supposed to be a cute town…


well, it t turned out it was not so cute after all, having said that we really enjoyed the ride to and from there since it was the same windy road but with the speed limit of 55mph ( 90 km/h)

IMG_6315 IMG_6312

Nothing major (spelling correction for my fans out there) to report today. The scenery has no change, more of the green majestic mountains, even though for Mehrdad these are not high enough to be called mountains, for him this are hills.

Here is us getting set up for the night…




Since dinner is the highlight of the day here are more details about Mehrdad Gourmet cooking 🙂



Really good Veggie Chili….

First boil 2 cups of water…



Add boiling water to the package…



Stir and let it sit for 20 min.




and vuala.

And here is me writing this blog with my husband breathing down my neck.

IMG_6338 IMG_6331