to Deal’s Gap, Day 7

Last night it was really cold, the temperature was 3 degrees but it felt like 0.


Believe it or not even though it was so cold we were able to sleep through the night. Mehrdad in general has higher resistance against cold temperatures. Me on the other hand, I am always freezing and need specialized equipment like the Columbia’s OMNI HEAT base layers and the Marmot sleeping bag, they are expensive but they do keep you warm.

We had breakfast, pancakes, sausage and coffee offered by the campgrounds for a low price, I got double saucesage because Mehrdad is vegetarian. I can feel the pounds going up.


We packed everything back up on the bike and took off to Boone through the Blue Ridge Parkway.


IMG_6346 IMG_6345

As usual the ride was beautiful.

IMG_6401 IMG_6399 IMG_6386 IMG_6385 IMG_6404

We found some friends along the way.

IMG_6433 IMG_6426

Reached Boone had lunch at a cute sandwich place called “Our Daily Bread”

IMG_6445 IMG_6444 IMG_6442 IMG_6449

…and took off for Blowing Rock. Blowing rock is a cute little town famous for its cliff of 4000 feet above sea level and the force of the winds that it is said to return light objects from the void.


We walked around “Blowing Rock” park.

IMG_6480 IMG_6470 IMG_6469 IMG_6463 IMG_6459

and then we walked around the town and had great ice cream.

IMG_6503 IMG_6502 IMG_6494IMG_6499

We had issues finding a place where to stay for the night, everything was full but in the end we found a spot on Honey Bear Campground … in the overload site. When I say a spot, I mean a spot. At the reception they told us… We are completely full however you can go to “this and this” area and find a place where to put the tent.


(once I upload the scan ) if you look at the campground’s map the spot is not even detailed. The places with the hand drawn stars are referred as overload campgrounds. The red dot marks more of less where we stayed.  By now we are experts setting up camp. We set up everything had dinner (pasta primavera)


and headed for the laundry. We have nothing to wear, everything we brought is stinky.