Alaska 2018, Day 11

So this was the forecast for the rain yesterday.

I waited the whole day and didn’t see much rain, but finally the heavy rain came in the evening, still it was good to be under solid roof instead of tent.

The rain was finished by the morning and everything was almost dry, packed and back on the road.

First stop at Toad River, the restaurant has a lot of hats hanged from ceiling, and there are hats from all over the world.

and waiting out the wet weather again while having breakfast.

The road from here goes through mountains and nice scenery but it was foggy and wet, not many opportunity for taking photos,

At next gas station, I had problem with Tank Bag, it was stuck and could not release it from gas tank, so I could not put gas.  the gas station owner was helpful to offer air compress to try drying it out and waited for sometime, but still it did not work, so decided to continue to next gas station and try it again later.

At next gas station, still could not remove the tank bag, (failed German engineering!) I decided to disassemble and remove it, but didn’t have the right size hex key allen wrench, borrowed one from the gas station owner and managed to remove the tank bag, from now for a while the tank bag would be strapped to the yellow duffel bag on the back 🙁 check in the next photos.

in Watson lake the attraction is the Sign Forest, it started in 1942 and there are signposts from all over the world.

Having lunch in Watson lake and continue on the road.

Since I stayed two nights in one place, I decided to cover up for distance and go further today.  For tonight heading to an airbnb by Crag lake in Tagish, YT.

Sunset at the Crag lake by the airbnb,

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