Alaska 2018, Day 27

By the time we had breakfast, packed and left campsite it was already past noon.
But the road was still muddy in some parts which with my tires become very slippery.

On the way north we heard in Fort McPherson there is tourist center that give free coffee and food, but that day it was Sunday and they were closed.  Today is Thursday and they should be open and we found them.
It’s a place run by local students, they make coffee, snack and food and happy to meet and chat with tourists and travelers.  We spend some time there to chat, eat, rest and learn few things from their local community and their pasts.

In this town there is burial site of F.J.Fitzgerald, he led mail patrol in December 1910 from Fort McPherson to Dawson city, but they did not made it.

When Fitzgerald and his team did not return by February 1911, William Dempster was dispatched to lead the search and rescue team.  Few years later Dempster was tasked to find a safer route.
From 1958 to 1978 the highway was built from Dawson to Inuvik and named after Dempster.

After we left Fort McPherson, the road was getting worst so just after 10 km we stopped at the first campground, Nitainlaii Territorial Park for the night.

This is not the worst riding condition, but for me it was bad enough to ride in the mud.  With the experience I had with the first chain on the bike, I make sure to take a very good care of it this time.
With dirty and muddy bike, I make sure at least the chain is clean and shiny!

We hope for a dryer road for tomorrow.

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