Alaska 2018, Day 35

Another beautiful day for riding,

There are many travelers in BC from europe, I met few couples that either rented a car or van or bought a camper van in Vancouver and travelling across BC to north.
And BC is doing a better job for tourists than the rest of Canada, here is a map of the road and area that is posted in most rest stops by the highway.

BC is really beautiful,

There were three riders that we kept passing each other for few hours, later on we caught up in a gas station, and turned out they were from Ontario as well that went to Dempster, but were not too impressed with it.

Continue south,

There is access to Hyder in Alaska through 37A branching out from highway 37.
There was signs warning of strong wind, and indeed there was very strong winds in this stretch of the road that went through mountains.
Before border, another free camping at BC recreational site.

Water is cold, but others were swimming and so did I.  And a warm dinner.

There was a young couple camping here for the night, they were from Germany that rented a van to travel through BC and a guy from Alberta travelling in his pickup truck.

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